The Chosun Taekwondo Academy, founded in 1997 by Master Doug Cook, is a holistically-oriented, martial arts institute based on traditional Asian principles and authentic Korean martial arts doctrine. Literally translated, the term “Chosun”, an ancient name for Korea, can be defined as “land of the morning calm.”

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Qualified Black Belt instructors adhere to a stringent curriculum. Promotion from one rank to the next is predicated on proficiency in an escalating series of basic strikes, kicks, stances, one-step sparring, self-defense techniques, poomsae, combination drills, and board breaking, intended to demonstrate raw power. Students are also encouraged to learn Korean terminology coupled with the underlying philosophy that supports traditional taekwondo.

Master Cook's Dream

My Korean Home

In 1994, I visited Korea for the first time. Traveling south to Kyongju after training intensely for four days in Seoul City, our group stopped at a local craft village specializing in the production of Koryo celedon. As I roamed the serpentine streets, I came upon what I now consider to be my dream enchanting structure based on asian architecture complete with scalloped, kiwa tiled roof and Zen water garden. After posing in the front yard for a photo that still hangs on my office wall, I left never imagining I would ever return. Fast forward nineteen years later, and here I am...home again. I asked our guide what he thought the purchase price might be if it were for sale and was shocked at the sum. Much less than expected given the high cost of Korean housing. Maybe I'll return again next trip, cash in hand and make yet another dream come true!

Master Cook

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